WOH, day two: get snappy

my day two WOH has to do with dancing-- and just to prove we are sympatico, i woke up this morning to this video from r, courtesy of the NYtimes blog. i defy you not to grin while watching.

i was at the dentist, but no! i did not welch on the challenge! this creation just had to be something portable. i'm teaching an afro brazilian dance class this thursday, and i thought instead of throwing on a cd, i'd create a mix. i was excited to make you all a muxtape, but they only accept mp3s... so here at least is the playlist:

i'm hoping it makes them boogie half much as matt does. maybe i should serve mojitos...

(PS: more sympatico bloggness, mick belly boogied for day two! and maya has joined in with something every stylish girl needs for the dog days of summer [and she did it without a pattern, i'm telling you, she's got elves])


  1. Yep, it does make you grin!
    I like the mix of songs you chose for the dance class.
    Amazing, I was at the dentist yesterday too and also my mom's house, long day, I did welch on a happy day but I'll make it up.

  2. Great videos, He has done so many of these, I want to know how he finds the time? I barely have time to eat, never mind dancing around the world. If you can do it, then why not, I know I would, Well maybe not dance ...I could skip!!!!

  3. hey house label, i think he skips too! he actually gets sponsored to do it now, i think the company that does it gets thanked at the end (guess it's not so good that i don't remember their name).

    you way made it up, E.G. and it think it's very strange, all the events and creations that are happening in a similar way... joseph's coat robe, jc's caftan, belly and brazillian dancing... dentists (unfortunately, that one).


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