i'm so fabulous.

not really. well, yes i am. but not in a pretentious way. lest you think lala land has finally had its way with me.

becky at sew-and-so gave me this fancy blog award-- it was created by arte y pico, which roughly translates to art & tip, or art & break. anyone know which? (EDIT: cesarina does! art and then some. love it.) at any rate, either translation coincides quite nicely with the impending kickoff to my week-of-happy challenge! thanks becky!

to accept this honor, i must post the rules, which are: link the giver (check), and creator (check), then choose and link five blogs deserving of this award for their "creativity, design, interesting material, and contribution to the blogging community, no matter what language." EEK! okay. i choose:

the incurable homebody: a fellow burdastyler, maya creates garments that look like the fabrics talked amongst themselves and then morphed into her desire one sunny breezy morning. i LOVE her taste.

sewable: another burdite, geri makes her own awesome patterns (she is basically a clothing architect) and most generously shares them... and she makes me lol, as the kids say, with her great sense of humor.

much adored: mick knits so beautifully, she makes me want to take up knitting again. (then i remember the skullcap sweatshop that was the christmas of '99.) and she's got gorgeous taste in music, which you will hear about soon--we were introduced through a musical swap set up by...

casey's musings: miss the prettiness of yesteryear? this year's tapered pants got you down? visit casey. it's like living your favorite classic movie. you'll never mourn the passing of when-you-could-pull-off-a-micro-mini again.

u-handblog: you probably know about lisa... not only does she create awesome handbags of all sorts, she inspires others to join her by sharing fantastic tutorials, and holding many contests to keep the creativity going. and her "about me" photo (banging away on the drums) is genius.

all of these ladies create out the wazoo on a regular basis. i hope to create half as much as them with my upcoming challenge. mick, i'm so glad you're in! if you'd like to join us (hana, i'm looking at you...) please do. if ya want, you can even grab the little button i made today in photoshop. yes, that's right. i've got mad skillz. just paste this html code into your sidebar:

<a href="http://oonaballoona.blogspot.com/"><img src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/marcysweb/SG_qeV17atI/AAAAAAAAASw/6-kfzXudKmE/s288/

of course, you don't have to use the button to play. i'm just insanely proud of myself for figuring out html code and all that shite.

the rules are simple: starting monday, for one week, you must post each day about something you've created, that day. big or teeny. sew something, plant a seed, make a robot, play your guitar. the theory being that creating makes you happy, and happy opens the door for all things bright and beautiful to walk into your life.

and that's fabulous.


  1. Hey I think I recognize that little girl!
    That award is very artistic looking.
    I wish I could sew, everything I stitch unravels and falls apart.

  2. You looking at me? Hm-hm... I'll try. :-) It sounds like fun.

  3. yeah, she must have a pretty mama. and you can TOO sew, your blind stitch is way better than mine.

    cool hana! i'm excited to see what you do!

  4. Thanks so much for the award! It made my day, especially because I admire your creativity so much.

    I am definitely putting the button on my blog. I've got gardening, knitting, crocheting, and furniture refinishing on tap! As well as belly-dancing! It's going to be a fun week :)

  5. Oona, I'm so proud of you for figuring out that HTML code thing! But when I clicked on your sidebar button Firefox said, "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (hhtp) isn't associated with any program". So I right clicked on your side bar button and chose "Properties" to check the address and sure enough, you have an extra "h" preceeding http (which, BTW, stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol). So edit out that offending "h" and make it just "http", OK?

  6. PS Not the side bar button in your post, the side bar button in your side bar under "Wanna play?" :)

  7. Your sidebar button is working fine now, Oona. It works so well it magically appeared on Eileen's Garden.

  8. i was so worried about the shared code i didn't think to check my OWN code. that's cool, i never knew you could check someone else's properties...

  9. I posted my first creation! So far your week of happy really seems to work perfectly for me. :-)

  10. That is a lovely ring, Hana, and a very creative use for copper wire!

  11. Thank you. It's actually quite a common use of it, at least among my friends, many of them like to experiment with it, like me. It's the cheapest source of custom jewellery!

  12. thanks, oona! i'm very flattered that you've linked me.

    i've just now read up on your WOH challenge, so it looks like i have some catch-up creating to do. :)

  13. the correct english translation of "arte y pico" is "art and then some."
    we use it a lot in spanish, the "-- y pico" thing haha :D

    btw, i loooove your layout. how'd you do it? (the colored background and white post background)

  14. welcome and thank you cesarina, mystery solved! "art & then some" is way cooler than what the web translation machines came up with.

    as for the color-- i use the rounders 2 template, you can change the blog post color easily in fonts & colors-- but if you want to change the main background color (i.e., my yellow color), click on "edit html", then scroll down a short way past the variables section. when you see this:

    body {

    fill that background field in with whatever color code you want. FFCC33 equals yellow, FFFFFF equals white...

    and here's a chart of the codes:

  15. gosh, thanks sooo much!
    i've been loooking for a way to 'spice up' my blog (i'm just starting), but i'm more on the minimalist side and i hadn't found anything appropriate.. thanks again!

    ps; i love your blog, i'm thinking of doing my own little WOH when i get my new machine to keep my mind off some particularly crappy things :D


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