WOH, day six: ain't technology grand

i'm tired of my header. well, let's face it, today i'm tired in general. (i am just now realizing it could have something to do with the 3 vials of blood they took for our yearly physicals yesterday. hmmm...). so for day six, after copious amounts of coffee and with good jazz on the tube, i played in photoshopland whilst r played in videogameland. a very lazy, very nice saturday.

i was inspired by julie ree's beautiful, clean featherweight header. haven't figured out what to put in that vase... i'm sort of liking that one... probably none of these are done yet, but it was fun and relaxing messing around.

and, um, my mood was not helped by skipping WOH day five. mr. balloona especially noted a mark-ed drop. (hence the hummus, and oh yeah, the gin martini. which was awesome. have i mentioned that gin is good for cramps? at least, that's what the july issue of O said. i knew oprah was good for something. note to self: r feeds me homemade hummus and mixed drinks when certain visitors arrive. do not bite his head off. but i digress.) maybe i'm one of those people who really has to do something, anything creative, every day. the problem is, i think it's frivolous to take time out for it, you know, what with the state of the world, the state of my mind, the state of texas. of course i think it's perfectly fine and well advised for every other creative person in the world. like all of you. (and especially you, geri... welcome back!)


  1. These are all so pretty. I agree; I like the vase/bottle one a lot. I wish I could play in Photoshop!

  2. You know what? I skipped yesterday, too. That is, I didn't post. The thing I created was, out of plan, peach milkshake, and we drank it immediatelly, because that's such a thing you can't resist... so I hope today I'll manage two things instead, or maybe I'll stretch the week to another week.
    I like the first and the last banner most, but it's up to you, of course. I think the second is really nice, too, but the writing isn't very well seen in white, it would look better in different colour.

  3. I don't think creativity is ever frivolous, Oona. And, considering the state of the world, I believe it is even more essential now than ever.

    Creativity is an antidote.

    I like the bottom header best. The one with you bouncing in on the right.

    When did you learn Photoshop?


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