WOH wrap-up: YOU made a LOT of stuff.

behold, bloggers' bounty from our week of happy!  

click on any row to be whisked away to many happy blogs.

seriously, would you just look at all the stuff we all made? are you convinced? i am! creativity might be a luxury (in the best sense of the word), but it is also most definitely a necessity. i need it like air, water and gin martinis.
seeing your creativity at play this week was so inspiring, and enabling (again, in the best sense of the word). so no more fooling around, i'm making time to fool around every day. even if it's a moment (as evidenced by row 5's quick creation: the lakshmi stapler. how much happier would stapling be?).

thank you all so much for playing with me.

click on any of the pics above to land at the blogs of these wonderful creators...

(row 1: eileen's garden, row 2: the incurable homebody, row 3: marmota's corner
row 4: much- adored, row 5: blog-less friend in town, row 6: me)


  1. Whoa, I am very impressed with what everyone has created with their own hands! I feel like a "cheater" in the mix here since really Mother Nature did most of my work for me but you guys are truly the real creative stars!!!

  2. Hi Oona
    Just wanted to thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog, and to let you know that I have updated it, at last!!
    I love the things you've made - beautiful!

  3. These were amazing to see.. WOH must definitely become a tradition!

  4. Woah you were busy while I was away! You've been doing so much. I'm using it as a good kick up the butt to get some posts up on my blog, it's just taking me forever to finish going through my holiday snaps and getting them sorted first.

    LOVE THE NEW LOOK too! It brings some sunshine to my world now I've returned to bleek ole wintery miserable Melbourne.

  5. I love the lollipop sticking out of the bottle!!! Perfecto!

  6. hiya lowri, moo & allyson! thanks for the love, but i think my post was confusing... i hope y'all didn't think i made all that stuff... anyway, i edited it :).

    and thank you allyson & moo (is it okay that i call you moo? i'm highly enjoying it) for the compliments on the new look. i'm still working on it. i like to match my blog to the current color of my apartment walls. and i think i might put something new in the vase every once in a while...

    EG, flowers are your thread and canvas, and mary robin, i think it will be a tradition. and i think next time there shall be PRIZES.

  7. oooh, what's going on here? What is this WOH?
    Sounds like something in which I would have wanted to participate...I should be checking in more often.
    I'm spending Saturday night with my sore feet, my sewing machine, 5 Brooklyn Summer Ales, and my man-cat, Tallulah, who seems to be in some sort of discomfort (which will be monitored), and maybe a little tv indulgence. Tonight, I will be dreaming of my Sunday...which will involve sleeping in for the first time in a very long time!
    A bippity boppity azalea pregnancy dress (two of them actually) is in the works...an exciting feat to tackle....how in the world to I hem for that belly? Pillow on my form?

    Miss our inter web blips of interstate camaraderie...

    L :-)

    I'm so jealous I missed the helipad dance extravaganza!

  8. Eh, I haven't commented for a while, being totally absorbed in the continuation of this WOH, without posting, though... I'm in love with leavened dough right now. Fortunately for me, father said something along the lines of "I could eat this all the time", so I don't have to worry people would start to hate it...

    Creativity is a must. Without creativity and imagination it wouldn'T be me at all!

  9. lauren, i bet you would've rocked the helipad. how are your azaleas going? i'v egot the same exact to do on my list... i didn't even think about the damn hem.

    hana i'm so glad you're still WOHing! i've had to slow down because i'm away from my stuff most of the day for the next few weeks, but that's no excuse. i'm going to have to start some guerilla creating here.

  10. Ok, so I checked out the old navy maternity department and just smooshed a few garments flat and found that the front hem is a semicircle shape that drops 2-4 inches lower than the back hem. Being too lazy to measure or fit it on my mamas, I just took a pair of scissors and cut a line about 3 inches below the center fold and made a curved line that ultimately met the side seam of the original pattern...

    we'll see!!! (i'm afraid with the poofiness of the azaleas, they'll look so, well, pregnant.) I'm going to try to not make them look like cream puffs.

    Will update!



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