WOH, day four: and the peeps, they dance, they shake their bootys

i think it's well past surfing time in more than a few areas of the globe that do check this blog (areas? more than one is plural, yes?) but i did not flake! r & i have been at a health fair all day long here in LA, and we met some very wonderful, infectiously happy people. i taught a dance class (an afro-brazilian dance class) on top of a building (a 17 story building) on a helipad (a HELIPAD!).  how cool is that? so my day four WOH creation is booty shakin. dance-right-off-the-roof booty shakin. seriously, the railing was not that big. i decided, rather quickly, to take any and all spins OUT of the routine.

i have to admit that i was stressed out about this class. r set up the entire event, and this was the big finish. i don't think i would have been as confident creatively about it, truly, if i hadn't been creating on the days leading up to it. i was still crazy nervous, and of course i would've done a few things differently, but It. Was. FUN.

we've both been on all day, and i am dog tired, as is r. tank decided to overheat a few times on the way home, for good measure. r's vegging with the ultimate fighter (a favorite of both balloonas; these guys are amazing, they beat the absolute hell out of each other and then cry and hug and are complete BFFS) and i'm playing with photoshop. with some good oaky chardonnay, of course.

tomorrow we're both creating good health by going for our annual physicals, but i promise something a bit more fun than a doctor's visit. until then, WOHs from YOU: you know him, you love him, BIG DADDY's got a hosta named after him in eileen's garden... and a plant that would spark a rumbling in anyone's stomach grows in maya's spot... the rumbling fruitfully continues at marmota's... and mick is spinning yarn, bellydancing, and taking a really gorgeous picture while she's at it. like, i'm this far away from stealing it. but bed is closer. so to bed i go.


  1. Okay, Afro-Brazilian dance on a heliopad? That sounds like a music video. So cool!

    Also, I love to knit and watch UFC. J laughs as I yell at the fighters from my futon, clicking away.

    And finally, if that's you in the front, you have the coolest hair. Ever.

  2. afro-brazilian dance overlooking LA -- sounds like a blast! i've got two left feet, so i'm in awe of anyone who can cut a rug (or heliopad). you're a woman of many, many talents oona!

    LOL regarding the UFC guys. nice to know that they're softies at heart.

  3. thanks you guys! that is indeed my mass of hair. or massive hair. and everyone ought to try crafting and UFC, they go hand in hand. i wonder if i could sell UFC softies on etsy...

    by the way, i inserted an o where no o should go in helipad. i'm always adding o's to the middle and s's to the end of words.

  4. Oh--dear--God!!! That railing only looks about a foot high!!!!
    You all look like you are having the time of your lives up there!

  5. ha! i knew you'd love that height! the helipad was about 2 ft higher than the actual roof so the railing looked teeny, it was really freaky.

  6. That is her hair, Muchadored, and that railing looks just high enough to trip over, Oona. Dropping the spins was probably a good idea.

    It's been HOT in LA! When was the last time you had Tank's cooling system drained, flushed, and refilled with new antifreeze? And don't forget to give him regular oil changes!

  7. i just changed the oil and it looked like TAR! we're bringing him to tico this week.

  8. Good. You should have the oil changed at LEAST every 4,000 miles and certainly no more than 5,000! City driving is tough and Tank is no spring chicken, you know.

    Honda recommends every 7,500 miles but I change mine twice as often, every 3,750.

    Have Tico check the cooling system including belts and hoses. I hope Tank's water pump is OK.

    Drain, flush, refill, and not the cheap stuff -- use Prestone! :)

  9. Whoa! That is so cool - the dancing bit! Wow... I'm not a dancer... but always wish I am! I like the second header in your new post the best... with all of the orange! I hope you have a relaxing Sunday, and if you lived closer, I WOULD take care of a chicken for you...


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