WOH, day one: my name is oona and i come in peace

despite the menacing paddle hanging on the wall.

so this is my first week-of-happy creation! i've had this material for just under two years now. i loved it at the store, got it home, and realized there wasn't much i could do with it (other than maybe a halloween costume... court jester, anyone?). then i saw an old photo of mr. balloona's mom in a hooded caftan-- as a kid he called it her "joseph robe"-- and i wanted it. there's nothing like 70's style, baby. a few months later, i came across the exact pattern at an estate sale, about 4 sizes too big. of course i bought it. from a very anxious, ferret-like woman who looked as if she might run away at any moment. she must have rubbed off on me, cause i hid from this pattern like it was the boogeyman.

day one of WOH is apparently the day to grow some balls, as i was possessed to gleefully cut away the seam allowance from the vogue pattern (which is surely NOT the way to size a pattern down) and then hack into those stripes. i had a great time! i didn't worry about how it was going to come out AT ALL! and it was great to make something completely frivolous, with no worries of the recipient seeing that one of the arms is sewn inside out. i am the recipient and I DON'T CARE!

i'll be throwing this on every morning this week to remind myself to have fun and create. which you are also doing! eileen's garden is blooming with flowers of sci-fi height... marmota's got bling that'll make you jealous... and mick is spinning around in creative circles (by the by, happy birthday, mick)!


  1. I love it! It's so cheery.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. And another happy birthday wish, Mick!

    Oona, I love your caftan! I think it turned out beautifully. You look like a monk that walked through a rainbow!

    “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”
    - Kung Fu-tzu Confucius


  3. i'm renaming it the Kung Fu-tzu Confucius caftan.

    & you're welcome mick!

  4. Really, nothing like 70's style, I love it. I'm sure it really makes you happy, it looks so cheerful! And it has a hood. That's another plus.

  5. Great start to your happy week-- I think it would be impossible not to smile while wearing that!

  6. there's only one word to describe this caftan of many colors -- fabulous.

  7. thanks y'all! i threw it on this morning, and it really did make me happy. if only i could've worn it to the dentist.

  8. It's beautiful, you know how I love all the colors of the rainbow! It's making me happy just looking at it Oona.


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