WOH, day three: home decorating recipe

take: one box of craft,

two ugly switchplates,

stir until well blended,

and add to wall.


  1. I'm going to try this.. any suggestions on how to make the cutout just right? Did you use a razor? and what did you use to adhere?

  2. These are really nice... Pity that Czech switchplates look completely different, most of them couldn't be adapted to one's liking this easily.
    My project for today is similar in a way. :-)

  3. mary robin, i decided what my main image would be and placed it on the plate, flipped it over, traced all the holes i needed to cut, cut them (plain old scissors because i misplaced my exacto) then glued it on with martha stewart's all purpose adhesive. but i think any glue would work. the main suggestion i have is to do something to really cement the final image-- when i screwed these back into the wall, the friction of the nail took some of the paper away. maybe a clear varnish?

    hana, i'm off to see your project...

  4. Nice wall plates, Oona! You're so creative.

    I haven't done any WOH-type activities. :(

    I mowed the lawn but I don't think that counts. I played my guitar but I do that everyday anyway, WOH or not.

    I am practical though. Try putting a small clear plastic or nylon washer behind the screw. That should keep it from tearing the paper. Or those little circular self-stick reinforcement labels for notebook paper. They even come in clear. :)

  5. Like these.

  6. big D, that is the PERFECT solution!

    the garden is waiting for its poem... or is it... i haven't checked yet...

  7. love, love, love these!

  8. Very cool Oona, I need to try doing that. I heard a good tip on one of those design shows. Tip was to put the paint color info you used in the room behind the light plate so you can easily remember what to buy if you ever need more of that color.
    Of course Oona this wouldn't work for you since you're always repainting in new colors :)

  9. thanks maya! i kinda wish i had more to cover. i may buy some just for the hell of it.

    and WHAT. why have i never heard this idea before, E to the G? the back of my plate would be a veritable kaleidoscope... it would be like a time machine...


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