enough is enough

this weekend, i will sew if it kills me. i will not decide to reorganize my desk drawers or shop for chardonnay or run errands or write a ghost story just because i have no sewing inspiration. pfft, who needs inspiration. i will take some cloth and cut it up and throw it on miss fugly and see what happens.

that said, i WILL run the one monumental errand of mailing my giveaway packages out. because as much as i've dragged my feet sewing wise, it nowhere near amounts to the absolute sloth i have had in that area. you would think i'm dragging a fricking vintage overlocker to the post office, not some wee lacey accessory. i should be flogged.

if you're tired of waiting on my mad mailing skillz and want to enter another giveaway, jump on over to magpie shinies and win three vintage patterns, one from the 80s! (veronica darling, i'm looking at you.) i have the feeling miss magpie will be a bit more timely. but do it by midnight US central time today!

happy weekend everyone!

saturday post script: i mailed the giveaway packages! it only took me a month and a half! HOORAY FOR ME! i also sewed one seam! i tell you, i am ON FIRE. lastly, woke up in the middle of the night thinking that people would be offended that i so blithely discounted a ghost story that they actually enjoyed reading. and that i REALLY enjoyed writing. i'm thinking of a weekly bloggy story feature. start making your lists, storytellers. there might be prizes. that i might mail in a timely fashion.


  1. Oh I must have missed your giveaway! I love your determination abt sewing this weekend, I hope it's contagious and I catch it too!

    Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Thank you!!! Good luck on the sewing, I know what that it like - I have so many things bookmarked & post it'd to get to.

    (Also, don't get sucked into Spring Cleaning like me.)

  3. I looooooove your stories, I look forward to reading more! One a week! Oh fun!!!

    I would love to hear the story of... your kittehs! Or your mother's peacock pair...

  4. Great idea! I'm not much of a story writer, but I read like a crazy woman. ;) I can't wait to read some of your stories!

  5. I hope you see this - you won my contest. Please email me w/your address!


  6. ☞emilykate: well, i can't think of a good kitteh story yet... but i do have a kitteh picture for you :)

    ☞ashley: thanks! i'm all nervous now that i put it out there...

    ☞kimberlee: yahoo!!!


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