in the beginning

when i'm working on something patternless, one of my favorite moments is laying out the fabrics i might put together. that's not happening right now, as i'm doing taxes. actually, the whole balloona household is mired in the stuff... but ruggy's job affords him a little happy ding-y bell on his computer every time he completes a task. a bell that says: YAY! you've accomplished something!

it seriously toots every twenty seconds.

i have a pen, paper, and calculator. all of which stare silently back at me into the void of taxation.


  1. Seems familiar. I'm seeing my mom on Sunday (hopefully) to look at taxation. Again. Last time I could not find some papers. I still haven't found them, but my mom had backups.
    Ah, the horrors that happen when Marmota starts earning money by her language skills... and when she tries to finally bring order into her room. Trying to bring order into room = misplaced papers.

    So I'll think of you when I'm filling in my forms.

  2. You'd think it would be easier for me, as I used to prepare taxes, but, no. I get so frustrated trying to do my own. So good luck!

  3. I wish I could do my taxes by computer. The Tax Office here does have a free software for people to use but they DON'T DO IT FOR MACS!?!?!?
    I'm working on your swappy-homeware this weekend! Wooooooohooooo!

  4. I just gave your blog an award!:) Hope you'll stop by and accept it! I hope in some corner of your mind you hear YAY! you've accomplished something!


  5. well ladies, it's now day three. DAY THREE. nice to know that others are mired in the stuff as well. (well, not you, emilykate. dammit.)

    magda, thank you for the award! ding ding! i'll be taking a litlle break later today to pick it up :)


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