she's just afraid of the comb

jorth has a lovely picture up, angelic really, of her as a golden locked girlie. she wondered if anyone else would care to share.

ah, the sideshow bob hairstyle. a favorite for unruly kalkatroonan hair.

at times, hot rollers were used to tame the mane.

they did not work. hats, applied to distract one's attention from the botched experiment, also failed.
(brother beast had problems of his own.)

braids were a viable option. i look insanely angry here for one of two reasons:

1. brother beast, knowing full well i like surprises, snooped and told me everything i was getting for christmas.

2. my braids, which were 4 inches diameter each, brained me every time i swung my head in glee at the christmas booty. there was a LOT of booty that year. i probably have a mild concussion in this picture.

apparently, ruggian children had hair issues as well:

that's a wig. and several perfume bottles. i'm just sayin'.

how 'bout yours?


  1. aaaaaw...you were such a cutie! and i love to look at your hair! i always wanted some more volume. you definitely have that! ;)
    haha and i have similar photos of me under the christmas tree sharing your facial expression...and a big brother! :D
    will share some photos of me soon, when i make that post about the award you gave to me! thank you!!!

  2. You're adorableeeeeeee! And you have THE. BEST. HAIR. And little Ruggy, attacked by the wig! Although I was nearly fooled- we have redheads in the family, and red hair is often strong and voluminous- not usually by age one though!

    I esp love your vogueing in pic 2, and am sooooo jealous you got Mr Mouth AND Polly Pockets.

    I only have one childhood photo of me in this house, I'll see what I can russle up at the parents place...

  3. If you can, would you post about my first contest?


    Of course, you can still enter it!

    (There is a part 1 as well http://magpieshinies.blogspot.com/2011/03/fashion-turn-to-left-fashion-turn-to.html )

    Thank you either way!

  4. That hair was wild! And oh my goodness, I got a barbie camper van, too - although I received mine for my birthday, and my big sister ruined the whole experience by taking over it, and announcing that I was too little to put the stickers on it correctly.


  5. Beautiful hair! You seem to have adapted nicely, though. I'll have to look around for a good hair picture of me. Now, in Jr. High, I had a perm... does that count? (otherwise its flat, short hair)

  6. oh i hope you all join in on jorth's baby pics!

    ~nette: you're welcome, lady! and lemme tell ya, volume can be a real PITA.

    ~emilykate: i was vogue-ing... where the hell did i come up with that. and ruggy is from a family of redheads, now that you mention it... but no wigged ones. i have no idea. POLLY POCKETS! i forgot that box was there! i think the balloonian parents got a big bonus that xmas, it was bananas.

    ~magpie: certainly! hopefully i've not jinxed myself out of this semi-regular posting jag i've been on by promising that :)

    ~jorth: oh the barbie van was fabulous. i think i was swindled out of the stickers, too- my parents put them on so it would be all pretty and ready to go. i was too psyched to care! and thanks for posting your baby pic, this was REALLY fun to do.

    ~rachael: trial and error, my friend. and a lot of product. let's see that perm!!!

  7. Wow, that is some amazing hair... I was always embarrassed by how thin and rat-like my braids were. My hair is fine, and straight enough that flat-ironing is essentially pointless. I have an incredible envy of people who can grow long, thick hair...

  8. why do we never like our own hair and covet others, regardless of what either is like? I'm sure I would have coveted all that hair when I was younger (I'm now so old and sad that I've just given up coveting anything at all)

    Thanks for following! I noticed that we had the same number of followers too. freakarama,right? clearly, we are geniuses. er. geniii. um. you know what I mean.

    (also, totally jealous that you own such a picture of The Guy-- I TOTALLY want something like that. You know. For blackmail purposes. I am all about the torturing of the Significant Other. Sadly, he is ridiculously hard to torture. I suppose a normal person would say that was a good quality. What do they know?)

  9. GHOSTS OF THE GENII. wherein like minded bloggers share their ghost stories. you know you want to.

  10. Oh wow, these pics are so cute! My personal fave is the one with the hot rollers. Also the Christmas one, I had the same Barbie house :)

  11. tanit-isis: i have a hard time picturing you with anything rat-like on your head... care to share any photographic evidence?

    ashley: wasn't that barbie house the bomb? i got a gag gift of a barbie corvette this christmas, and it was nothing like it used to be. that said, hot rollers have come a long way.


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