sunday thanks

magdamagda has gifted me a versatile blogger award :) thanks magda! she deserves hers, you ought to stop by and see her stunning garments. here we go y'all seven random facts:

1. i was new jersey's first altar girl. roman catholic, that is. i was all, "why aren't there GIRLS up there helping the priests" and they were all "cause they're AREN'T" and i was all "WHATEVER." my dad was an altar boy, and he told me to change things (thanks dad). trailblazer? yes. good at it? decidedly no.

2. nothing says christmas like a hot dog from gray's papaya. which may clue you in on the whole altar girl thing. it is a vital part of the day when shopping for holiday gifts in manhattan's upper west side. ruggian mom and i were pleased to discover the same goes for any sam's club (thanks mom to the ruggy power).

3. once upon a time, i sang opera. specifically, coloratura soprano. that's the stuff the blue chick sings in the fifth element (i'm pretty sure she's from kalkatroona). i still squeak out some high notes now and then.

4. that said, when i was a baby, they almost cut my voicebox out. i was hospitalized with whooping cough. they kept tracheotomy tools by my crib, and my mom stayed there all night to make sure they didn't (thanks mom).

5. i am a bag of tricks. among other things, in my mix i have: italian, black (from where i do not know), sioux indian, and irish. that's the shortlist.

6. patience is not included in that bag. if it takes me more than 10 days to finish a sewing project, it will die in a box in the back of my closet.

7. imaginary alligators are extremely dangerous. if ruggy tries to push me off the couch when one is around (which they are, pretty much all the time), i will use every ounce of my strength to keep him from doing so. i'm surprisingly strong at times like this.

it might be the taxes, it might be that i have to award a whopping FIFTEEN NEW BLOGS, but i went postal on my links bar today. i take this to mean blogs that are more recent to my linky list, so, newish-to-me blogs, if you happen to stop by, here's your award:

christ. linking took longer than taxes!


  1. I agree with you on gray's papaya. Also the invisible alligators.

  2. I also gave you this award, without realizing Magda had beat me to it!


    Much Love,

  3. You are so creative, I love seeing the dresses you create. I amazed at your random facts, they are a ton of fun. I have a chunk of Italian in my mix, but the other parts include German and Scottish. I'm doomed to sunburns. Wish I had your lovely skin!

  4. Oh, I just noticed you awarded me the same thing!

    *cue the Twilight Zone Music!*

    I love your 7 things!

  5. I stopped by to enjoy the "7 things" and wow all fresh and unexpected:D I'm most intrigued abt the opera thing- I'd love to hear you someday! wonderful post,it looks like you had fun with this even with taxes and all! *hugs*

  6. I loved your 7 things, too! My mother and I were our church's first female ushers (also raised Catholic), but yours was more impressive! I always thought the alter boy thing looked like so much work.

  7. I loved reading these! Opera singer! Irish! Proto-feminist altar-girl! Herpetophobic!

    And now I have some lovely new blogs for my reader too!

  8. WOW, opera! As someone who has and will never be gifted in that department, I'm completely in awe. Great list!

  9. thanks everyone! it sounds like we all need to go out for a gray's papaya, ask them to throw some opera on the speakers and keep our feet off the floor in case of alligators.

    (ps: rachael: lovely skin!!! smoke and mirrors, i tell you. this busted camera is doing amazing things for my image.)

  10. Opera, now that is cool. And being the first alter girl. Thanks for the nomination.


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