saturday in the kitchen

i've been in the kitchen all day. there's not many an occasion that will get an oonaballoona in an apron, but the parental kalkatroonans' anniversary is one of them. i baked. i sauteed. i drank. and tomorrow, ruggy will do some slow cooking of a very juicy animal. it's gonna be BANANAS.

in our neverending search for a camera, ruggy happened upon this short video about the olympus pen. which just happens to be about a 50th anniversary. (a few years off, but still). how fortuitous! i thought. i should put it in a wee blog post!

but, umm. the dude leaves the chick (and daughter) at around 1:30 and goes traipsing around the world and then comes back umpteen years later to toast new years with some dude. can someone tell me what the frig is going on in this video?


  1. I guess he "found" himself and came out.... uh... after ditching his family for the second time. Clearly he has some sort of committment issues.

    Uh. Yeah. That's the guy you want to promote your product: the I-keep-running-away-from-my-responsibilities-because-I'm-a-self-centered-bastard guy. Interesting marketing strategy.

    Word verification: "frong"... this is what castaways wear instead of Speedos on their desert island: frongs. Speedos made out of palm fronds. Nice visual, right? -shudder- Probably that Olympus guy wore one at some point in his travels. He thought he looked good, of course.

  2. Wow, I loved that! Couldn't tell you for sure what it was about. I sort of didn't get the leaving of the first group of people as being his family, I thought they were all children? I thought it was following him as he grew up, on the different bikes, meeting a lady, having kids, then taking up jogging in later life, then coming back to the original people who had all grown old- and I saw that the writing on the building they were in from of said Schoolhaus? Schoolhouse? Was it a 50-year anniversary school reunion thing? I'm sure I missed the point. I DO know that I want to live in the house it was filmed in!

  3. Perhaps he's 50 years old? I don't know--looks like he had a fun life.
    Sorry about the cooking Oona (looks like the apron finally came in handy). Bananas and a juicy meat you say?

  4. so lovely! I so admire the people who put these things together, I wish I could make a stop motion movie myself at some point in my life:D
    I am more optimistic abt the interpretation: 50 yrs surely passed and he's surely turning back in that picture frame, but I wouldn't go as far as to think he left his family, he had just filled enough movie with that:-??

  5. Yum, long roasted animal. maybe I should pull a chicken out and plan for some roast chicken this evening....

    The video is nifty, but I'm with you... all the sudden the woman he had a child with is just left behind and never seen again? What sort of deuche bag is he?

  6. I watched the video and wasn't sure what to make of it either so I asked the one person I know who could decipher its meaning, Mrs. Kalkatroona. Being her ever insightful, succinct self she replied:

    "They're trying to sell a camera."

    Bingo. That's what's going on in the video.

  7. beangirl: you got "frong"? how very fitting for this post. seriously, i was all "what a sweet video, what a happy sweet song". and then dude's all screw you guys i'm outta here.

    seriously, everybody.... no the best ad campaign?


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