no, oona can't play me-made-march, she might get dirty.

i really would like to get in on me-made-march one of these springs... but every time i set out to make something casual and wearable, it turns into some glam little slip of a dress, or some decadent maxi made for a gala. a gala that does not exist on my social calendar.

i mean, it's 22 degrees outside. fahrenheit. i'm not going outside in this. and according to the rules of MMM, i think you have to go out in public in your stuff. actually, it turned out pretty short-- i might never go out in this. but i do love it!!!

see? SHORT!!! the mirror angle is the only shot i got of the backside. in hindsight (teehee), avec jeans would've been a better choice. but my camera is far too busted to do a reshoot.

it was meant to be this breezy casual garment, inspired by burdastyle member urbandon's grungy tee, but then i pulled out some leather... and some sequins... and well, you know how it goes.

the snakeskin is upcycled from remnants found in the garment district (somehow, that makes it better?) and the sequins were repurposed from a sheath dress bought at daffy's for 8 bucks. EIGHT BUCKS! i've never shopped for sequin trim, but i figured you can't beat that. the dress, which is now hacked to pieces, was from romeo & juliet couture. yesterday, flipping through my bargain vogue, an evil chuckle escaped my lips when i came across some r&j ads. i still have 2 yards of this stuff!

the pale blue on the sides is a beautiful two paneled cozy jersey knit material. the middle piece-y section is leather, of an almost perfect shade match. necessity bore this invention, as the jersey was quite see through and i realized at the very first seam that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. thus the middle panel was born, which nicely hides the naughty parts above and below.

i love dressing up & playing with my sparkly vintage... now i just need somewhere to go...

in an effort not to repost the same info here as on burdastyle, i'll put different pics up there later today. check 'em out if you want!


  1. Gosh, what an ensemble! Your photographs are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. As with all your stuff, both gorgeous and fun! (And I think it would look killer over some skinny jeans or leggings).

    When I re-started sewing a year ago I made myself a strict rule to make "wearable" stuff. It makes Me-Made March a cinch, but is a lot less exciting to photograph... ;)

  3. gorgeous crazy blend! I think some pics are not on burdastyle (first ones?) and they are the kind that really do it justice!

  4. corrine: hello & thank you! the photos are actually born of necessity, my camera is a MESS and i have to mess around with the levels like crazy, so it's nice to hear that.

    tanit-isis: yes, leggings will be the choice. unless i'm invited to a red carpet rock fest, then you gotta go all the way...

    kelepso: thanks here & at burdatsyle :) i was going for rockstar

    magda: yes, i was trying not to have repeat photos, but it's really hard choosing which goes where. i may have to rethink that...

  5. I love the photos! I wish I could get photos of myself that look/are styled so well. And the top/dress/whatever is really great! I like that it's edgy and glamorous at the same time.

  6. This dress rocks. Go find that ruggy of yours and make him take you some place fancy. Just wear a very warm coat ;)

  7. becky: i'll tell ya, nothing like a busted camera to make some funky photos. these were a blurry mess, i just kept playing with the controls in iphoto until they were passable!

    kelly: i think i will. i just think i WILL. (and it's good to see you again!)

  8. epic want.

    Also, excellent pictures.

  9. I don't know how you do this, I am so envious. In my next life, maybe I will be a seamstress.


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