ulterior interior motives

we're still stuffed from the porkfest that occurred sunday. no, actually that's a lie, i'm hungry just thinking about it. and happy just thinking about it. it's so nice to have a home again, and have it filled with family, and celebrate with your own stuff and not someone else's junk in a junky sublet in a line of junky sublets. 

the anniversarial kalkatroonaans glasses were kept full as their children and grandchildren screamed around the apartment. the under six set were the loudest, though we gave them a run for their money. they also just so happen to be artistes. ruggy thought we could keep them busy with crayons. i thought i could steal their artwork.


as much as ruggy loves my scrawlings, i'm excited to have something else up on the walls. it's becoming more and more of a home every day...

ps: i'm so glad you liked the convertible top, i'm working on a tutorial for y'all!


  1. Oh, these are soo cute! :D

    By the way, I need your adress! I am about to finish my little gifts! ;)
    Could you send me an email?

  2. The porkfest was fabulous, the company divine!!!
    Love the artwork, I think your nephews must of inherited some creativity from you Oona!

  3. i think we all most definitely inherited it from YOU!!!


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