in over my head

i like to play. 

to that end, i finally decided to play along at mena's sew weekly. a little late to the game, but what else is new. the challenge for this roller coaster first week of spring involved using a pattern. whether you like it or not. actually, decidedly not, as you had to choose a pattern with a questionable cover. 

i've had this pattern for seven years now. i bought it at a yard sale in los angeles, 'natch. the vogue ladies on the cover scared the bejesus out of me (what is WITH that blue eyeshadow), but i had a love/hate thing going on with that extremely odd hood on super secret spy lady. i think she's nonchalantly tapping into the listening device surgically implanted into her right earlobe. part vogue, part minority report, part star wars canteen. i mean, it's weird. but COOL. however, the freaky ladies kept me from ever even opening the envelope. 

friday night, i realized i was about to flake on my sew weekly challenge after only ONE WEEK of joining the group. i hauled my ass off the couch, grabbed this weirdo pattern,  and resigned myself to an hour of tracing and cutting and adjusting a goddammed pattern. i HATE tracing and cutting and adjusting a goddammed pattern. 

and then... oh, then... i opened the worn envelope, and out fell the most neatly folded vintage pattern in history. had it even be used? i wondered. yes, oona. yes it HAD. by an angel of a lady, a sainted seamstress, a gem of a gal by the name of loretta j. this wonder woman had traced the view of the pattern i wanted, right down to the stitching line. no zipper, sans sleeves, EXACTLY as i had envisioned it. two pattern pieces on the fold, and nothing else. like she KNEW.

if miss loretta j. was a lesbian, and she was into my type, i would build a time machine and grant her sexual favors.

while ruggy would, as a boy, applaud this statement, he did not understand the enormity of the situation unfolding at my sewing desk. with every passing second my luck grew. i had the perfect five dollar stretch remnant. i had only four seams to sew. my new girlfriend loretta j had already made petite adjustments. i would have my challenge done in minutes!!! you don't even KNOWi kept muttering to  the cats while occasionally staring dementedly in ruggy's direction in sheer happiness.

you would think i'd jinxed myself with that optimistic mouthiness. peeps, i did not. in fact, i got even more lucky. i ought to play the lotto this weekend. cause you know what i realized while making this pattern? with a few tweaks... i could wear the fracker upside down.

oh, and? it has variations.

don't hate, peeps. especially not on my hot pink tights from the eighties.

if you like it, maybe i'll do a tutorial. no sexual favors required. (unless you wanna trace the rest of my vintage patterns for me.)


  1. I like the shirt! I can't imagine myself wearing it, but it looks sooooo cute on you, even with the hot pick tights (you still have 80s clothes around.... you can't be that old, I'm not that old!)

    I'm impressed with your sewing adventures, they look like a ton of fun and I have dreams of sewing fun clothes as you do... some day.

  2. I love it! Super cute. I'm a fan of that kind of convertible cowl dealie. Well done!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Look at all those looks! Yes, yes, yes, do a tutorial.
    Now, how do you keep your tights in such good nick? Once I've got them out of the packet, I can barely get tights to last even a week, let alone since the eighties!!!

  4. **mick: thank you!

    **rachael & emilykate: i have mislead you! they are actually tights from H&M. but they ARE three years old, so that's saying something, yes?

    i think i will do a tutorial, but with two contrasting solid tones, so you can really tell up from down.

  5. Crazy fun! I especially love it upside down! And, as usual, you have the funnest pics! :)

  6. awesome awesome awesome.

    hey wait, EmilyKate just said that. Well WTH, apparently EmilyKate and I have the same brain waves or something.

    It's still totally awesome awesome awesome. (I'm also still gonna hate. That's just me.)

  7. Yeay for the tights!

    I actually like it better upside down... I must be weird...

  8. very cute top! i laughed pretty hard about all the sexual favors.

    way to go!

  9. Wow, what luck! And yes, tutorial please!!!!!!!!! :D

  10. That is damn sexy!
    I'm a real geek for clothes that have a whole slew of variations! You really did luck out. I think you owe way more then sexual favors. You should pay her for the privilege of sexual favors! LOL!

  11. awesome! would love to see a tutorial

  12. This is so awesome. I'm so glad you made it. The super secret spy lady cracks me up. Good for you for looking past the cover! I love it.

  13. ♥ thanks everyone! i just bought some stretch jersey for the tutorial :)

  14. This is GRAND! FABULOUS! AWESOME! And I'm saying even though I KNOW you are definitely making a tutorial. :-)

  15. Just found your blog. :)
    I think it looks smashing! Especially the variations. I love cowl necks... and the fabric looks lovely. A tutorial would be great! I'd better add you to my reader so I won't miss it. Kidding, I'd have done it anyway. :)

  16. katja, alessa & goose:

    thank you! (and welcome!) the tutorial is coming....

  17. Seriously, I think this is SO freaking cute - though if I have the luck to find the pattern (yes, I want to try and make it now, I will change to a more sedate pattern. Thanks for sharing your work, you are such an amazing stylist, you make the "ugly" pattern sewing worthy!

  18. Awesomeness! Is there a link for the tutorial?

  19. thanks tj & 540! i seriously have the tutorial ready... just have to break down and turn the AC on to do it... or wait till cooler weather :)

    keep checking, it will be up one day, erm, definitely before thanksgiving!!!

  20. Someone's selling them on Etsy (but the hood/cowl part is removable)


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