to wear, or not to wear?

in the spirit of sew weekly's UFO challenge, i decided to finally post this frock i finished eight months ago. it's not my entry-- no flaking on week three, i have a bag full of UFOs to finish, never fear-- it just seemed like a good time to get your opine. 

this short summer dress sat neatly wrapped in a gallon ziploc bag in Makeshift Sublet Sewing Room The Third. it languished in this bag, cut and ready to sew, for a year, surviving two more moves with us. 

the ziploc bag was most definitely its saving grace.

at that point, it really was the most carefully cut pattern i'd ever done. i went bonkers matching those lines. sadly, i didn't know enough about fabric then to realize this wouldn't hang well. i just loved the stripes and had a strong desire to go all cupcake goddess on the details. (her details are buttah.)

however, no, those buttons don't really work. have we met? the pocket does though. it's HEOUGE. invisible zip in le back.

i took the pictures last christmas. in my mind, i haven't really finished a project till i post a picture... so all added up, this is two years worth of UFO finally F'OED.

the facts as per sew weekly's questionnaire:

fabric: medium/heavy cotton from joann's, 2 bucks a yard
pattern: simplicity 5862; pieces & instructions look like the normal insides of an envelope, but the "envelope" is actually a 9x14 magazine page. anybody know if simplicity had magazines? I WANT THEM ALL!!!
year: 1973
notions: orange sherbet colored invisible zip, denim remnant for the pocket, orange shiny shell buttons, yellow topstitching thread
time to complete: two years
first worn: july 2010, at an AA baseball game in two hundred degree southern july weather.
wear again: yes, but only because of the many compliments from ruggian mom. if i look at the pictures too long i waffle on its cuteness. how 'bout you?

are you playing? got any UFO stories?


  1. I think that is wicked cute- I really love the style and colors.

  2. You should definitely keep wearing it! The stripes are so cheery, and I think the denim adds a good touch of solid to keep them from being overwhelming.

  3. I like it. hang-schmang. it hangs well enough, it's cute fabric and it fits nicely. 'nuff said.

    word verification: "resselon"... um... I'm pretty sure I have a frying pan made out of this... or maybe a crocheted poncho from 1972. I'm not totally sure which. One of those two.

  4. Totally cute. I second Beangirl on the hang. Makes me wish summer was already here.

    I have one UFO, a cut-out Colette Madeleine bloomers still pinned to the pattern pieces in e depths of the paper pile on my desk. I guess I need to pick up some narrow ribbon for it, otherwise I'll probably never get to it...

  5. Oh, I love your fabric, it's so cheerful! I think it looks good on you.

  6. I hope you will take our compliments as "wear again" arguments:)all those colors with some denim and those delicious buttons and this playful pattern? of course it's a must-wear-again!

  7. ...meg: thanks! the colors are what got that fabric in my bag.

    ...becky: that's exactly what i was going for, i thought it would make it a little less romper :). at first i had two pockets, as per the pattern, but i looked like night of the living pockets.

    ...beangirl: i'm loving these word verification definitions.

    ...tanit-isis: you should make up those bloomers and post them to sew weekly! come on, you know you want to.

    ...eleanna: thanks!!

    ...magda: i think i have to, eh? :)

  8. I'm in agreement with all of the above. Very cute! I could see it with a turtleneck and leggings in the winter (or during our freezing cold fake-spring right now!) My UFOs would take way to many posts to talk about!

  9. It looks decidedly childish and playful. In a good sense, I think.
    If you feel self-conscious wearing it outdoors, you could always rock it around the house, when cooking and doing such things. I find it's much more fun doing housechores when you have a fun dress to wear while you´re doing it.

  10. >>jacqueline: i am ALWAYS forgetting the turtleneck and leggings trick. now that you say it, i'm thinking this would look better as a fall dress. or....

    >>hana: wonderful idea as well! i often throw a novelty headband on when i clean (devil horns, bunny ears). i've never gone as far as a dress, i think it's high time.

  11. This is a great pattern and it looks awesome on you! It is very playful with the fabric. Well done!

  12. Wow, what a cool and playful dress! Loving the colours!

  13. Ooona, it's proven. I think even my sister said the same at one point - about skirts.
    I'm wearing my twirly Dana skirt (I posted it some time ago on BurdaStyle) all the time when I'm at home - twirly skirts are particularly proper for this, because when you dodge around the furniture and other corners of the house, you are sort of dancing. :D No one needs to wear worn out yoga pants around the house if they don't want to. :-)

  14. Oh! I love this sooooo much! fabby job!

  15. Oh, definitely wear this again, I love it!

  16. *rebecca,
    *& ashley: thankya!

    but hana, even if i wear it out... its alter ego is definitely playful chores romper :)


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