when irish eyes are sewing, they prolly ought to be sober.

a favorite, because i am a leo. and i like to drink. 

this irish lioness is having a girl's sewing night in, so please have a guinness for me. in fact, make it a black gold: equal parts guinness and champagne. that's right, champagne. when the bartender looks at you sideways, just tell him: you're classy like that. you DESERVE champagne. 

(classiness brought to you by big daddy balloona. the man knows a good drink when he sees one.) 


  1. ahhhhh... like a very uptown shandy. gotcha. The Husband's gran would have loved that (having been known to drink a shandy or twenty in her day).

    no Guinness for me tonight, but then I don't drink (I know, The Horror-- trust me, it blows The Husband's mind every time he has the bad luck to think about it). On the other hand, I really do think I have to try this guinness/champagne concoction. That sounds pretty good.

  2. ...



    i... don't know... what to say...

    i suppose gran-in-law did enough drinking for both of you. but really, this wouldn't count, as this concoction is more like a meal than an alcoholic beverage. kinda.

  3. Heeyy, I'm a Leo too...and I love Guinness - will have to try it with Champagne! I really liked your last post and completely get what you mean. Sometimes perspective can sneak up and slap us in the face - it's OK to duck every once in a while.

    That I love your dress goes without saying! It's beautiful on you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. I'll see if we can try this on the weekend! I mean I really owe it to my Irish heritage. And Guinness is, as we know, full o' goodness. The rumour is Irish mothers used to give their children a glass of it before sending them off to walk to school in winter so they wouldn't catch colds! Well cold season is coming up here in, erm, a few months so we really ought to be prepared.

  5. a leo and beer lover too! alcohol is not served in supermarkets here- so sad, it took me a while to get used to it!

  6. Yes, Oona, as you well know I've always believed that one good drink deserves another (and another and another) -- and no need waiting until it's after noon since it's always after noon somewhere in the world.

    This lifelong philosophy has obviously rubbed off on Oona. Lucky girl!

    According to our old friend, John C., equal parts Guinness Stout and Champagne magically combine to create a Black Velvet. But it's what's in the glass that counts, not what's in the name! So raise your glasses for a belated St. Patrick's Day toast!

    "May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go."

    Happy belated St. Patrick's Day to all!

  7. ♥ big daddy: i KNEW i got that name wrong! i kept thinking black satin... black taffeta... then thought i just had materials on the brain which must've been seamstress thinking. tonight, to further the philosophy, i am having a diced peachitini (a ruggy creation).

    ♥ jacqueline: well hello fellow leo! i love your thoughts on perspective, made me smile!

    ♥ emilykate: i shuddered when i read that cold was coming your way. if spring isn't fully sprung here by next friday i'm taking matters into my own hands. and i like imagining the drunken little children on their way to school.

    ♥ magda: every state here has a different policy on alcohol in supermarkets-- and some states still have "blue laws" where you can't even BUY alcohol on sundays. blasphemy. (that one can't buy wine whenever one wants, that is).

  8. In Texas (as in other states,I'm sure) there are whole counties where you can't buy alchohol At. All. Ever. The whole state is no liquor purchases before noon on Sunday, as far as I can tell. Now why noon is so important, I have no idea. I guess you're not allowed to be drunk at church, but it's ok for the rest of the day.

  9. that's GOTTA be about church. as my southern man says, texas is not the south. it's texas.

  10. Oona,

    You fashion-types are OBSESSED! But really, what's in a name as long as you get the ingredients right?

    Ruggies' creations are sublime!


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