my closet

From my very first stitch to my latest make, here's the whole shebang.  Click on the pics to be whisked to its post in a new window (some garments are at MSN, SVP, Burdastyle, and Sew Weekly). Be warned, as you scroll down and deeper into my past, I grow headless. Remember the days of internet anonymity?

ReFashion Sequin Set

Simplicity 8635

Simplicity 8456

Runway Remake

Draped Gown

Draped Gown

Suit Up! Wonder Woman

Suit Up! Batman

Suit Up: Aquaman

Burdastyle 07-2015-110

Re:Fashion Wax Crop

Re:Fashion Vogue 9253

Re:Fashion Mini

Re:Fashion Jeans & Tee

Re:Fashion Culture Dress

Ogden Cami Dress

McCall's 7745

McCall's 7745

Derby Dress

simplicity 1115 + 1099

Vogue 9253

Vogue 1493

Vintage coat

Kalle dress

simplicity 1802

Simplicity 2180 + 1099

vogue 9253

inspired by sewcialists

simplicity 1687

vogue 9106

vogue 1239

a floral midi skirt

simplicity 8013

Negroni for Dad

a jungle two set

embroidered birkin flares

self drafted top

simplicity 1099 + BHL Charlotte

vogue 1493 koos

self drafted maxi skirt

mccalls 7387

boho bag

simplicity 3786 + gabriola

simplicity 1919 + burdastyle hack

vogue 9053 hack

draped maxi dress

Burda 07-09-124

harem pants

Simplicity 8014

Named Kielo dress

Schnittchen Rachel jumper

braided maxi dress

True Bias colfax

Vogue 1482

ponte flares

wax print maxi

draped jumper

wrap maxi dress

TSP 2015

silk bustier dress

chunky cardigan

genghis coat

bohemian maxi vest

linen mini dress

neoprene maxi dress

marrimekko midi skirt

BHL kim

BHL midi Anna

draped skirt

self drafted maxi

Salme skirt hack

Vogue 8814

Vogue 9076

Vogue + BHL

Watson bras

Mood mashup!

Bodycon Bodacious Dress

Quilted Vest

Striped Blazer (at MSN)

Wooly Skirt & Sweater

Cotton Christmas

Simplicity Rehack

Vintage Vogue

Vintage Vogue

BHL kim dress

vintage simplicity combo

circle skirt & crop top

bronte top

schnittchen eve jacket

vintage simplicity shirtdress

BHL wax print charlotte

double simplicity hack

BHL anna wax print

oona'd silk romper

oona'd maxi dress

nettie & BHL charlotte

bombshell bathing suit

oona'd trapeze tie dress

kate & rose maxi dress

simplicity two year dress

sewaholic gabriola

simplicity wrap pants

simplicity coat hack

simplicity + BHL polly playset

lexalotte BHL separates

oona'd betty drape-d dress

BHL charlotte skirt

BHL flora dress

ralph pink coat + oona'd minidress

‪oona'd bolero + simplicity dress

burda mag shirt hack

burdastyle jacket

BHL coat, simplicity dress + oona'd leggings 

burdastyle cutout shift

vintage cozy dress (at MSN)

BHL fringed georgia

simplicity boucle dress (at MSN)

brasilia bandana

simplicity sexy sleevy

oona'd muppet dress

BHL anna in embroidered denim

butterick velvet wiggle dress

BHL silk chiffon anna

BHL poly - anna

oona'd jersey harem jumper

oona'd mini mountain dress

negroni for big daddy

simplicity gown + BHL blazer

tilly's rasta miette

megan nielson crescent dress

vintage vogue + oona'd skirt

fugliest dress ever

oona'd lace skirt

you sew girl! t shirt dress

sew bossy salme dress

oona'd lace + chiffon dress

oona'd alien frock

oona'd "circle" skirt

burda mag boucle coat

BHL elisalex + circle skirt

BHL elisalex dress


oona'd feather skirt

vintage mccalls tie shirt

simplicity wiggle dress

victory patterns nicola dress

d'oona'd dress

burdastyle a line dress

oona'd anna sui maxi panel dress

simplicity wrap dress

oona'd studded swath dress

crossroads fashionista

vintage anne adams chiffon + lace dress

me made may 2012

oona'd betty dress

christine haynes derby dress (at CH)

PR sundress: silk + lace

PR sundress: as lbd

PR sundress: as maxi skirt

PR sundress: as crop top

PR sundress: as skirt + vintage vogue top

pattern runway gathered sundress

oona'd draped saul mad men dress

oona'd abominable maxi

oona'd hipster dress

oona'd wrap monk dress

vintage vogue chiffon top

oona'd top + triple refashionista

colette taffy top

colette pastille dress (at SW)

cynthia rowley eyelet maxi dress

vintage simplicity leather + satin skirt

negroni for ruggy (at SW)

simplicity home dec party dress

oona'd double agent dress

vintage playsuit

oona'd workwear (at SW)

burdastyle batwing dress

vintage simplicity mbd (at SW)

vintage mccalls lace dress

oona'd killer combo (at SW)

simplicity safari wear (at SW)

ugly amnesty (at didyoumakethat)

oona'd lace combo (at SW)

oona'd wild thing (at SW)

burdastyle mila dress (at SW)

oona'd voile mumu (at SW)

burdastyle cutout dress (at SW)

burdastyle bustier + oona'd skirt

oona'd summer zip dress (at SW)

burdastyle top + UO refashionista

coffee date dress

oona'd top + denim skirt (at SW)

burdastyle bombshell dress

oona'd jersey + lace dress (at SW)

colette sorbetto carnival dress (at SW)

burdastyle wacko dress (at SW)

burdastyle charlie bag (at SW)

amy butler lounge pants (at SW)

oona'd pieced jersey dress (at SW)

colette feathered sorbetto dress (at SW)

burdastyle a line dress

oona'd pleated skirt

oona'd twisted dress

call the police pillowcase dress

burdastyle azalea hack

simplicity maxi skirt

london calling pajama party

burdastyle azalea hack

vintage vogue yella skirt

burdastyle twister dress

simplicity mexi skirt

simplicity proper dress

burdastyle marie skirt

burdastyle laura dress

amy butler pants hack

burda mag dress + apron

ichigogirl cowl neck dress

burda mag bag dress

vintage mccalls dress

vintage simplicity jumper

vintage vogue spy top

oona'd go-green dress

oona'd leather sequin + ruffler mini

oona'd hammered wrap skirt

vintage style new year's gown

oona'd lady gaga gown

oona'd pixie gown

hawaiian refashionista

oona'd pleated lace dress

burdastyle book contribution

oona'd lace necklace

oona'd lace choker

oona'd lace necklace

oona'd jackass skirt

oona'd draped shift

oona'd pieced wrap

oona'd roxietoxl belt

oona'd roxietoxl belt

oona'd roxietoxl belt

oona'd roxietoxl wristwrap (at BS)

oona'd roxietoxl wristwrap (at BS)

oona'd roxietoxl wristwrap (at BS)

burda mag pleated top

burdastyle sabrina

vintage vogue wrap (at BS)

burdamag pleated dress (at BS)

burdamag maxidress (at BS)

oona'd raglan dress

oona'd dolman dress

burdastyle cate maxi

weekend designer cami top

vintage caftan

burdastyle jane dress (at BS)

burdastsyle sabrina dress (at BS)

vintage wide leg jumper (at BS)

amy butler lounge pants

burdastyle celestina (at BS)

burdastyle danielle hack

burdastyle desira top

burdastyle danielle dress


  1. I love your closet; you have a great sense of style.

    1. thank you! i'm going to tell ruggy this was said, *on the interwez*, so it makes it true.

  2. I bow down - you are the queens of prints!


  4. Sad you don't have your machine but loved the closet organisation. I want all your makes

    1. if we lived closer, we could swap. but of course, your waist would be around my hips :))

  5. you are a true sewaholic. Love the closet. So colorful and energetic.

    1. i really could stitch every minute, if given the chance. thank you, i like the descriptor energetic!

  6. WOW .... Your wardrobe is certainly a very vibrant and envious one .... fab.u.lous :-) xx

    1. thanks girl! opening my closet does wake me up in the morning...

  7. Hi Oona,
    I just took a tour of your spectacular wardrobe. Love it. It's colorful, stylish and well made. Just all around lovely.

    1. hey cennetta, thank you so much! though i think well-made is a more recent occurrence :)))

  8. Wow, a veritable treasure trove of beauty and inspiration; it's all made of happy with a heavy dose of genius!

  9. I love all the color and style! How long does a dress usually take for you and how long have you been sewing for?

    1. thank you sydney, and i was just thinking about this! it depends on the dress, and my mood-- anywhere from 3 days of sewing to 3 months, if i'm stumped and need to let it marinate ;). i've been sewing for about 8 years now, i actually started the blog when i started stitching.

  10. OMG, you virtual closet is fantastic and most important it truly represents YOU! awesome.

  11. Phenomenal wardrobe filled with style, color and fun.

  12. You are so amazing and so glad I stumbled across your blog today. I look forward to more of you!

  13. Such fun to see a recap of your fabulous garments as I remember most of them. Keep inspiring us! Karen


i thankya truly for taking the time to comment, i love a good conversation-- and hope you know my thanks are always implied, if not always written!